Giving Day FAQs

  • What is Giving Day?

    Giving Day is a 24-hour online giving event. The goal for Sonoma State’s Giving Day is to celebrate alumni, students and community, share our stories and come together to support our university.

  • When is Giving Day?

    Sonoma State University’s 3rd annual Giving Day will take place on Thursday, April 6th, 2023.

  • What does my gift support?

    You decide what your gift supports at Sonoma State. Return to the Giving Day home page to choose a campaign or program that you’re most interested in.

  • How can I participate in Giving Day?

    If you would like your department or program to raise funds on Giving Day, please complete this form.
    If you would like your club or organization to raise funds on Giving Day, please complete this form..

  • I don't see my favorite fund

    If you would like to support a specific fund not featured on the site, please visit and find your favorite fund. All gifts no matter the fund will be counted towards our total gifts and dollars raised for Giving Day.

  • How do I make my gift?

    To make a gift during Giving Day, go to, click the “Give” button, and follow the directions provided. If you prefer to mail a check in, please make checks payable to Sonoma State University and include Giving Day in the memo section.

    Sonoma State University
    University Advancement
    1801 E. Cotati Avenue
    Rohnert Park, CA 94928

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at 707.664.2712 or We’re happy to help facilitate your donation. After making your gift, you can motivate others to give by sharing your excitement about Giving Day with your friends. Share a Giving Day message on social media and ask friends to join you in supporting SSU.

  • Is there a minimum donation amount?

    Yes, there is a minimum gift of $5.00 to participate.

  • Can I give more than once?

    Of course! Every gift makes a difference.

  • Is my contribution tax deductible?

    Yes. You will receive a tax receipt via email after you make a gift.

  • I'm having trouble making my gift. Who should I call?

    Please call University Advancement at 707.664.2712.

  • I have already given to Sonoma State this year, does that count?

    Thank you! Our Giving Day is a 24-hour event and we are counting the total number of donors and dollars raised in this time frame. We invite you to make an additional gift on this special day.

  • Can anyone participate in Sonoma State's Giving Day?

    Absolutely. Support from everyone in the Sonoma State community (alumni, friends, family, faculty, staff, and students) counts on this day.

  • How can I help spread the word?

    Your voice makes our Giving Day a success. Post about our Giving Day on all of your social networks. You can also download digital images in our Social Media Toolkit to help promote the Giving Day.

  • What is the Giving Day hashtag?

    The Giving Day hashtag is #AllForSonomaState. Hashtags are used on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as a way groups come together with like information. We would love to group together images from Sonoma State’s Giving Day in one spot and when clicking on the hashtag, you can see all the exciting photos posted about our Giving Day, not only this year, but future years too.

  • What social media should I follow to keep up with Giving Day?

    To stay connected with us on Giving Day and beyond, follow:

    Facebook: ssualumni and SonomaStateUniversity

    Instagram: ssu_alumni and sonoma state university

    Twitter: SSU_Alumni and SSU_1961

  • Is my payment secure?

    Yes. All payments are processed using a secure online giving form. The information collected from our donors will be used only by Sonoma State University.

  • I still have questions. How can I get in touch?

    Feel free to send us an email or call us at 707.664.2712.